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The MummyMOT® is suitable for any Mum who has had their 6-8 week post-natal GP/ midwife check. This includes women who may have given birth years ago and still have pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms (urinary incontinence or prolapse) or tummy separation/ weakness.


See the FAQ's for more info.


The Facts

  • 85% sustain perineal trauma during labour

  • 45% of women continue to have urine incontinence 7 years post-natally

  • 50% of post-natal women will have a degree of prolapse

  • 100% of women experience ‘tummy gap’ during pregnancy (this is normal to allow room for the baby to grow) however 45% of women continue to have ‘tummy gap’ at 6months and 33% 12months

  • 50% of those still with a tummy gap are likely to have some pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • Most pelvic girdle pain experienced during pregnancy will go within the first 3 months, but for the small few the pain can persist


1 Hour Initial Appointment

The hour long first session aims to be a one-stop-shop, checking and guiding women through post-natal recovery.

  • Full postural screen

  • Abdominal assessment including stomach separation - confirmed with ultrasound scanning

  • Pelvic floor assessment with the option to use ultrasound scanning.

  • Screening for underlying bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction

  • General function assessment


From the thorough assessment we can provide:

  • Education & advice in line with the findings

  • An individualised programme for your current needs e.g. to be able to push the buggy, reduce urine incontinence when you lift ….

  • Recommend supports, equipment, incontinence/prolapse aids

  • Work toward future goals back to pre-natal fitness and beyond


A report of findings will then be made and emailed to you.


Follow Up

If you would like to continue with a bespoke rehabilitation programme which includes progressions eg. back to running or cross fit then this 45minute follow up is for you.

  • Continued 1-2-1 exercise programme

  • Ongoing assessment of posture, core, pelvic floor and tummy gap

  • Hands on therapy for any related pain, c – section management

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Who is the MummyMOT® for?

Any postnatal women (ideally) after their GP/ midwife checkup at 6-8weeks.

I had my baby years ago, is it too late for me?

It is never too late. Unfortunately, some women do continue to have some symptoms like leaking and heaviness months and years postnatal. Or you may have just re started your fitness journey and have only now realised you have stress incontinence or a tummy gap. The sooner you are aware of the symptoms and the sooner we assess you and come up with a plan the better.


What does a MummyMOT® involve?

The assessment is individualised to you and is directed by your main concerns and goals. We assess the pelvic floor (through ultrasound but internals are also offered), tummy gap, scar tissue, core stability and general function. A summary report including a rehab plan is emailed after the appointment.


You’ve asked me not to wee within an hour of the appointment, why is that?

At BAphysio we offer both internal and external pelvic floor assessments. If you are keen for us to use the ultrasound machine to see the pelvic floor externally then we need the bladder to have some urine in. On ultrasound, muscles show up grey and fluid shows up black, which is easier to see. As the bladder sits on the pelvic floor, when the pelvic floor activates, we can see the bladder raise. Allowing us to assess the pelvic floor via the use of the bladder. Don’t worry – we tend to do this first and you can go to the loo straight after!


How long does the MummyMOT® take?

The initial assessment is 1hr long. Follow up appointments usually last 45minutes but this can be discussed at the initial appointment and will depend on your follow up needs.


I don’t have any symptoms, is it still worth seeing you?

The assessment covers the full body post childbirth. Many women come to see us with no particular concerns but for reassurance and a plan on how they can best progress back to their active lifestyles.

We are likely to find areas that may benefit from more work on alongside the exercises you would like to return to. These areas aren’t always caused by pregnancy or childbirth but may have been niggling in the background before. It is a great time to get the foundations right. Preventative is often much better than cure so please do not wait for symptoms.


Can I bring my baby with me?

You can bring baby with you, but be aware the appointment is only an hour with a lot to get through so sometimes arranging childcare can help you get the most from your appointment.


What do I need to wear?

During the assessment we look at your tummy gap and how the tummy works during certain exercises, so a top you can roll up or are happy to take off is helpful. We also use ultrasound to assess the pelvic floor, the probe is placed in a similar area to a pregnancy scan so to reach these areas loose shorts/ leggings work best.


I am nervous about the internal, do I need to have one?

Each part of the assessment is discussed and consented for before it is carried out.

You would not be alone if you are uncomfortable with the thought of an internal assessment, especially as you may see us with in 6weeks of childbirth.

At BAphysio we use ultrasound scanning to help assess the pelvic floor via the lower belly. The use of ultrasound allows the therapist, and you, see the movement of the pelvic floor. From here we can work out the endurance of the pelvic floor. What the ultrasound cannot do, which the internal assessment can, is grade the muscle activity out of 5. Vaginal wall laxity / prolapse is also easier to assess internally but we can discuss the symptoms and how ultrasound can be used to help this also.


I am pregnant and I am experiencing symptoms of pain, leaking or prolapse, can you help now or do I need to wait?

We can see you as soon as symptoms start. We would however not suggest having an internal assessment at this stage.


I haven’t had children, but I do experience leaking or have pressure below, can I still see you?

You aren’t alone, leaking, tummy gaps and prolapses do not just effect ladies who have had children. It can affect women who do a lot of resistance training, long distance training, have a chronic cough, are obese, are hypermobile or are reaching menopause. We are here to help all ladies.  At BAphysio we also offer a 45minute pelvic health initial assessment. The assessment will be dictated by your symptoms and concerns but often cover similar areas to the MummyMOT®. Get in contact if you are not sure.


How is a MummyMOT® at BAphysio different to others?

Vicki has over 10years experience in musculoskeletal therapy, as well as 5years in pelvic heath. The two combined makes Vicki well placed in return to activity and can often give realistic time frames and plans to get you back to where you want to be.

Vicki also has an PGCert in MSK Ultrasound Diagnostics which has made her a dab hand with using the ultrasound scanner when it comes to assessing the pelvic floor and tummy gap distance.

Vicki does not work alone. She is lucky to work with a team of varying skill. Whether that’s for ongoing pelvic girdle, lower back, wrist pain or more 1-2-1 core stability work at BAphysio we will help you reach your goals.


How do I book?

You can simply book in online or get in touch and we will get you booked in at the nearest convenience. No need for a referral from your GP or midwife.


I have a question that isn’t listed here, can you help?

Of course, please send an email to or give us a call on 07961 602735.

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