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Vicki is on Maternity Leave from 28th December to April 2024. MummyMOT's will resume from this point. Get in contact if you have any questions.


The MummyMOT® is suitable for any Mum who has had their 6-8 week post-natal GP/ midwife check. This includes women who may have given birth years ago and still have pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms (urinary incontinence or prolapse) or tummy separation/ weakness.

See the FAQ's for more info.


The Facts

  • 85% sustain perineal trauma during labour

  • 45% of women continue to have urine incontinence 7 years post-natally

  • 50% of post-natal women will have a degree of prolapse

  • 100% of women experience ‘tummy gap’ during pregnancy (this is normal to allow room for the baby to grow) however 45% of women continue to have ‘tummy gap’ at 6months and 33% 12months

  • 50% of those still with a tummy gap are likely to have some pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • Most pelvic girdle pain experienced during pregnancy will go within the first 3 months, but for the small few the pain can persist


1 Hour Initial Appointment

The hour long first session aims to be a one-stop-shop, checking and guiding women through post-natal recovery.

  • Full postural screen

  • Abdominal assessment including stomach separation - confirmed with ultrasound scanning

  • Pelvic floor assessment with the option to use ultrasound scanning.

  • Screening for underlying bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction

  • General function assessment


From the thorough assessment we can provide:

  • Education & advice in line with the findings

  • An individualised programme for your current needs e.g. to be able to push the buggy, reduce urine incontinence when you lift ….

  • Recommend supports, equipment, incontinence/prolapse aids

  • Work toward future goals back to pre-natal fitness and beyond


A report of findings will then be made and emailed to you.


Follow Up

If you would like to continue with a bespoke rehabilitation programme which includes progressions eg. back to running or cross fit then this 45minute follow up is for you.

  • Continued 1-2-1 exercise programme

  • Ongoing assessment of posture, core, pelvic floor and tummy gap

  • Hands on therapy for any related pain, c – section management

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I had my baby years ago, is it too late for me?

Who is the MummyMOT® for?

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What does a MummyMOT® involve?

You’ve asked me not to wee within an hour of the appointment, why is that?

How long does the MummyMOT® take?

I don’t have any symptoms, is it still worth seeing you?

Can I bring my baby with me?

What do I need to wear?

I am nervous about the internal, do I need to have one?

I am pregnant and I am experiencing symptoms of pain, leaking or prolapse, can you help now or do I need to wait?

I haven’t had children, but I do experience leaking or have pressure below, can I still see you?

How is a MummyMOT® at BAphysio different to others?

How do I book?

I have a question that isn’t listed here, can you help?

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