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Initial Assessment (up to 40mins):  £60

Followup Treatment (up to 30mins): £45

From the 5th September there will be a price increase to £60 and £45 respectively.

Please note there will be a supplement of £10 added onto your appointment fee if shockwave is used.

Deep Tissue Massage

30minutes: £30

45minutes: £45

60minutes: £55

Discounts available when massage is bought in a block of 4

(with Natalie only).

4 x 30minutes: £100

4 x 45minutes: £160

4 x 60minutes: £200


Women's Health

Initial Assessment (up to 45mins): £65

Followup Treatment (up to 30mins): £50

The MummyMOT®

Initial Appointment (up to 60mins):


Followup Treatment (up to 45mins):



Diagnostic MSK US

Ultrasound Scan:


Ultrasound guided steroid injection: 


Ultrasound guided hydrodistension injection:


Ultrasound guided hyaluronic acid injection:

£300- £350

Ultrasound guided barbotage:


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